Maya – a new day!

The new History Van day about the life of the Maya people of Central America is now up and running! Here’s the comments from St Catherine’s Catholic School, Sheffield:

Hi Jenny,  

I wanted to say a huge thank you for an incredible day; the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt so much!

This is what some of the children said:

I liked being able to use a slingshot, I felt like a real Mayan!

I really loved being given a role, it was so fun!

I really liked making the worry dolls, they were nice to keep.

I liked how Jenny told us the story of the Mayans it was really interesting.

I liked that we were able to have a good/fun time while we were learning.

The dressing up as the Mayans and the Spanish was awesome!

Hope that other schools have booked this great experience.  


Y6 St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, November 2016

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