History brought to your doorstep

A van packed full of artefacts: village stocks, dolly tubs, Roman armour, old parachutes,  Stone Age bones, pitchforks, bobbins, incendiary bombs, cooking pots, hammers, flintstone knives, hats, querns, carpet beaters, grindstones,  Mayan weapons – an abundance of items that will bring the past to life.

The History Van brings hands-on history to you, delivered with passion, humour and real involvement by experienced educationalist and museum specialist, Jenny Bland.

Using local history where possible, local bygone industries and local traditions, each activity is tailored to its audience – schools, care homes, village halls, tourist attractions, stately homes, corporate events… effectively anywhere that a group of people want to really engage with history and traditions, to experience aspects of the past, to learn and to be caught up by Jenny and her infectious passion for sharing her eclectic knowledge with people of all ages, all backgrounds and all interests.

Whether it’s life with the Vikings, Mayan Sacrifices or surviving the Second World War, or anything in between, before or after, The History Van allows you to become a central character in history.

For full list of school sessions for Key Stages 1, 2 & 3 go to the Schools page or download HISTORY VAN TOPICS by Key Stages


 New for Schools – January 2018

‘Life Since 1948’ KS2

‘When Grandma was a Girl’ KS1

‘What Was Here Before?’ KS1

‘WW2’ for KS1

‘Egyptians’ for KS1


Fun, fact filled days using hands-on activities

which engage your children in history.

Contact Jenny on thehistoryvan@gmail.com  


KS1 and 2 TOPICS

Stone Age;  Egyptians;  Ancient Greeks;  Romans in Britain;  Mayans;  Vikings;  Anglo Saxons;  Castles;  1066/Normans;  Black Death and Revolting Peasants;  Plague and Fire;  Florence Nightingale and Medicine;  The Great Sheffield Flood;  Victorian Spa Towns;  Children at Work;  The Great War (WW1);  Surviving WW2;  Now & Then Homes;  Now & Then Toys and Games;  School Days;  Christmas Traditions (‘Oh NO! Not Christmas already – but it’s never too early to book!);  Make Do & Mend WWII Christmas;  Timeline History/Changes Through Time;  What was Here Before?;  Life Since 1948;  Life When Grandma was a Girl;  Moon Landing 1969

Plus tailor-made sessions for your curriculum or a special school event eg School’s Centenary).



‘Jenny was awesome – she really brought it to life … engaged the children well …fab!’ – St Thomas More Primary, Sheffield; ‘Excellent – great fun and very memorable … a brilliant session’ – Bradwell Infant, Hope Valley; ‘A fantastic day – we’ll be asking you back for more! … Value for money … we loved it’ All Saints Junior, Matlock; Thank you so much for a great day … it’s definitely the best way to learn about the past and bring it to life; the children remembered so much and even showed me the dance again!’ Nether Green Infants, Sheffield




PRICE for School Day

£295 full day for one class

plus £30 for each additional class 

plus travel expenses from Sheffield