The Romans in Britain


Meet Cartimandua, Queen of the Northern England Brigantes tribe who are allies of the invading Roman Army in AD51. Discover how the Romans control and change their new kingdom and citizens.

  • Become Legionnaires and Auxiliary soldiers in the Roman Army and discover life in the Roman forts guarding the nothern-most outreach of the early Roman invasion of Britain.
  • Practice Roman army drills using sturdy wooden shields & swords; Make ‘Marius’ Mules’ to carry your kit; Try on authentic replica Roman Britain.
  • Learn how to wear a toga and Roman school uniform.
  • Become Roman engineers, building arched bridges to cross difficult terrain.
  • Try out siege engines to protect the Romans from rioting Celts.
  • Discover Roman numerals and weighing scales to trade in precious local lead.
  • Make sacrifices at the local shrine to celebrate the Roman success at invading Britain.

Schools booking for more than 1 class will be provided with teacher-led activities for use when they are not with Kathryn, so that all the children are involved throughout the day.

Prices: £190/£295 for half/full day plus £30 for each extra class plus travel expenses – please enquire to discuss exact costs –

Roman Classroom Topic Boxes

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