FREE books for your School

As part of my work with Usborne books I work with schools to help them fundraise and earn free books for their schools. One of the key ways I do this is through an event called Ready Steady Read (Ready Steady Listen for younger ones). There are, however, many other ways I can get involved to help raise money for books for your school.

Ready, Steady Read is Usborne’s simple sponsored reading challenge that helps to promote reading for pleasure in your school AND allows you to earn FREE BOOKS for your students. Every penny raised can be used to buy books for your library and classroom, and the more money you raise, the more FREE BOOKS your school will earn.

The money raised can be used to purchase Usborne books for your school. On top of this, you will earn up to 60% in EXTRA FREE BOOKS:

Raise £120 or more          You get 10% extra in free books

Raise £250 or more          You get 30% extra in free books

Raise £600 or more          You get 60% extra in free books

That’s an extra £360 of free books for every £600 raised! This applies to any sum of money spend on books, not just money that has come from fundraising.

I can provide sponsorship forms, reading logs personalised to your school, certificates acknowledging each child’s personal achievement, bookmarks and even an explanatory letter to parents, asking for their support.

How Ready, Steady Read works:

Children are sponsored to read as much as they can in a given time defined by you. Whether it’s in school time, at home, during the school holidays or in a 24 hour race, children of all ages can spend any amount of time reading to raise funds for books. They can read books, comics, magazines, newspapers, menus, websites, recipes, poems, leaflets, instructions – anything with words! It’s a great way of showing your students that reading is all around them.

The money raised can be used on books from Usborne Books at Home in a variety of ways – the choice is yours:

  • Books for the school
  • Books for each child and the school
  • Books for each class
  • Books for the school and a charity
  • Books for prizes

I can also attend other events you are holding with a range of books, parent’s evenings, summer or Christmas fairs, World Book Day, anything that you would like me to be involved in. Any funds accumulated from these events can be added together to go towards a big book order at the end of the year.