Friends & Partners of The History Van

Throughout my travels in Hettie there are a number of local businesses and community organisations that I have met along the way. As I travel further more will be added here…

Local History and Community Organisations

It was an honour to be asked to help bring the Group’s research into Bradfield and Dungworth’s role in World War Two.

Local Businesses

Many of the photographs you see on this website were taken by the lovely Jane-Louise. As you can see from her website she is a local photographer who provides a really wide range of services. Mobile or in her studio, she can work with pretty much anyone – even me!

The local ARP Warden demonstrating correct use of a Stirrup Pump!

Kelly at 13 Bends Design is an incredible designer, illustrator and printer of all sorts of marketing matierals. She totally revamped my marketing tools and I love this cartoon!

A Van bursting with hands-on History