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If you are looking to extend learning beyond the classroom, create home projects, or add something a little different to your teaching of history then I am compiling a list of resources here for you.

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Local History Resources

  • Sheffield Libraries blogspot focuses on different periods in the city’s past.
  • An amazing Viking site to visit in nearby Sherwood Forest.
  • Why not make write a letter to an older member of your family, or even to a local care home with older residents. Ask them questions about what your town or village was like when they were your age. If you are writing to a local care home, include a stamp addressed envelope and you might get a reply!
  • Why not make a time capsule about you, your family, and what is happening at the moment. You could use an old plastic bottle or a tin. What could you include? A letter? A photograph? A printout of the newspaper headlines? What would you want someone from the future to know about what is happening today?
  • You can use THIS LINK to make your own VIRTUAL MUSEUM. Choose a topic that interests you, research interesting objects, people or photographs to include. You could make your exhibition all about yourself or your local area.
  • This link takes you to a video that tells you lots about the early cameras and the Victorian photographers that used them!
  • Make your own pinhole camera – a Pringles tube looks like good material for this.
  • This link has some information on where specific street names in Sheffield have come from. For those local to Sheffield some of these are REALLY interesting.

Stone Age

Some fabulous learning resources are here by Creswell Crags.

Meet a prehistoric flint miner in this video clip by English Heritage.

Join these children on a trip to the Museum of London to find out how Stone Age tools were made.

Dress up like someone from the Stone Age using these downloadable props.

Watch about Skara Brae, a Stone Age village

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece


Anglo Saxon


A great short video clip explaining a little more about Viking Runes – and interestingly the origin of the bluetooth symbol (FUN FACT TIME!)

Listen to some of the Viking Sagas, adapted for younger audiences, with English tasks attached too!

How to make your own Viking Longship!

All about a real life Viking Sock. I am just going to leave that description there, because it is brilliant.

A Viking Bread recipe and some colouring sheets.

A look at how the Vikings fought.

A video clip of the day in the life of a Viking.

Knights & Castles

To learn more about the recent discoveries from Sheffield Castle visit this site. It is a bit grown up but the information is fascinating.

Find about about a day in the life of a knight.

How much do you know about defending a castle?

Scenes from a medieval castle to colour.

video clip on how to attack castles – useful to test if your castle design would survive!

World War Two

To learn more about the Sheffield Blitz, there is a free app to download. A virtual walking tour and audio from those that were there are included. 
Apple Store link
Google Store link

Have a go at some home cooking with these rationing recipes put together by Twinkl. Wartime Recipe Booklet

You could do a scavenger hunt with a difference. Use this list of items an evacuee was allowed to pack to take with them. Give the child a small bag/case and ask them to go and find the items on the list to take with them.

If you are able, take a walk to your local war memorial, or you could search for a picture of it online. Find some names of those who lost their lives in the Second World War and then use the Commonwealth War Graves Website to research a little more about them. 

Moon Landings

Our Homemade Rocket Launch