Living under Norman rule

KS1 / LKS2

Meet the Lady Judith, wife of Waltheof, the only remaining Anglo-Saxon Earl in England after the Norman Conquest, who have a Hall in Hallam, Sheffield. Throughout out the workshop find out why Waltheof chooses to rebel against his King and the big changes that the Normans have brought to the people of England.

Your children take their oath of fealty to the Lord and Lady of the manor, who set them to work as scribes, writing the Domesday Book with quill pens.

Prepare your own ink and parchment from galls and animal skins and learn how to spin wool, ready for the Bayeuz Tapestry. Meet the people that live in the new castles that have been built, and try on their clothes.

Use local tools to make ‘swords’ to us in fighting for their new King, or will you choose to rise in revolt with Waltheof? Try out the new invention – the crossbow – and compare it against the traditional bow and arrow. Try out chainmail armour and siege engines.

Make herb bags to protect yourself against the spread of diseases and play Norman games. BUT! If you stray you will learn about new Norman punishments – the stocks, rotten vegetables, and the ultimate price Waltheof had to pay!

Schools booking for more than 1 class will be provided with teacher-led activities for use when they are not with Kathryn, so that all the children are involved throughout the day.

Prices: £190/£295 for half/full day plus £30 for each extra class plus travel expenses – please enquire to discuss exact costs –

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