The Maya – a very non-European Civilisation


Using beautiful artefacts from Central and South America, your children discover how we know about one of the great Non-European Civilisations, which existed without wheels, horse and iron. And how they resisted the power of the Spanish for 190 years!

Your children meet an archaeologist who helps them to ‘become’ Maya living in 1519 as the Spanish Conquistadors arrive. They prepare to welcome their visitors, but must also be ready to fight for their Maya Civlisation.

  • Through archaeological evidence and tradition your children will find out about the clothes, beliefs, materials, weapons, games, buildings, transport, and writing of the Maya – as well as their discovery of chocolate!
  • Make obsidian tipped arrows for fighting the Spanish and discover why they are so lethal.
  • Handle replica Maya and European weapons and armour to decide who might win a battle.
  • Use Maya sling shots and Spanish crossbows.
  • Make worry dolls to carry away your worries about the Spanish invasion.
  • Decipher Maya numerals and glyphs to help trade and communicate with the newcomers.
  • Make Maya Bitter Water from the cocoa bean, dress as a Maya and see how their clothes were made on a back-strap loom.
  • Practice Pok-a-Tok to help decide the fate of a battle and who will be sacrificed.
  • Discover the fate of the Spanish and the Maya people they came into contact with.
Obsidian Arrow Heads

Schools booking for more than 1 class will be provided with teacher-led activities for use when they are not with Kathryn, so that all the children are involved throughout the day.

Prices: £190/£295 for half/full day plus £30 for each extra class plus travel expenses – please enquire to discuss exact costs –

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