Covid-19 Updates…

…to History Van workshops

If you have any questions on how the following may affect a workshop you have booked, OR if the guidelines in your setting have changed since we last spoke, then please get in touch.


First things first

Before the day

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Hall Session

Class Based Session

Have to cancel?

The following is based on the guidance released by The Department for Education on July 2nd 2020.

There will be slight variations based on the individual workshop booked. All of these will be made clear during the booking process. Although no measures can make a workshop 100% safe, all that is practicably possible to reduce the opportunity for transmission will be taken, whilst still retaining the overall purpose of the workshops.

Please confirm with me in advance the timings of your school day and what visitor specific Covid guidelines your setting has in place. Please let me know if the children taking part in the workshop are in year group or individual class bubbles as this will impact on the routines below. The same workshop will not be booked on two consecutive days to enable equipment to be rested and cleaned in-between.

The highest hygiene standards by History Van staff will be maintained at all times. Social distancing of 2 metres will be in place during all introductions and activities unless there is a safety issue that needs a quick response. For activities that require closer adult supervision, if a member of school staff is not available, I will undertake the supervision wearing a face mask and gloves.

In the Hall sessions, different activity stations (between 2 and 5 depending on the workshop) will be set up around the room. Students from one class will visit the Hall at a time. They will visit each activity station in turn. Depending on school guidelines, hand sanitiser will be available for them to use before each activity, for those that wish, gloves will be provided although these must be changed after each activity. Activities will, as much as possible, be set out to avoid face to face activity, although some will require working in partners this can be discussed with school staff. Large items of equipment will be cleaned during class changeovers. Students will follow staff instructions regarding hand washing before and after sessions.

If it is not possible for all classes involved to gather together for introductions and finales, the booking teacher shall discuss the possibility of setting up a Zoom link (school equipment to be used for safeguarding purposes), or The History Van providing pre-recorded videos of these introductions for the classes to watch in their classrooms.

Where possible individual sets of equipment will be made available to each class for their own use during the day. Staff will be consulted before any period costume is included. Costume will not be used on two consecutive days and will be washed in-between workshops. Some equipment will need to be transferred between classes, although this will be kept to a minimum and cleaning instructions/materials will be provided to school staff – this may not be necessary if year group bubbles are in effect.

Cancellations due to Covid-19 related closures or quarantines will not incur cancellation fees. Please let me know at the earliest opportunity if this occurs. Please be aware that I may need to cancel at short notice if I or my household display symptoms or if my children’s school is subject to closures. I will inform the booking member of staff as soon as possible by email and also phone the school.

More detailed guidance will be provided as part of workshop risk assessments once booking has been confirmed.