World War II ‘Blitzed’ session for schools

Message from Whiteways School, Sheffield following their ‘Blitzed’ morning on Wednesday as part of the Sheffield Blitz Memorial Trail project that The History Van is engaged with: ‘Thank you so much for your time. The children haven’t stopped talking about the day and have produced some lovely work.’ Whiteways Primary School, Sheffield

Plague and Revolting Peasants – a new topic for The History Van

A new topic for 2015/16, ‘Plague and Revolting Peasants’ is a hands-on look at living conditions, medical understanding, farming methods and demands on the poor people of your area in Medieval times. The children will carry out their daily longbow practice, engrave swords and make chain mail; swear fealty to the lord of the manor and write theirContinue reading “Plague and Revolting Peasants – a new topic for The History Van”

The History Van on the Trail of the Incas

This summer Jenny Bland is spending several weeks on an archaeology project in Peru with Projects Abroad, searching for the remains of the Inca Empire and creating heritage activities for local Peruvian children. Not only will she bring back loads of experience of archaeological digs but also a mass of material and objects for teaching about theContinue reading “The History Van on the Trail of the Incas”