Plague and Revolting Peasants – a new topic for The History Van

A new topic for 2015/16, ‘Plague and Revolting Peasants’ is a hands-on look at living conditions, medical understanding, farming methods and demands on the poor people of your area in Medieval times.

The children will carry out their daily longbow practice, engrave swords and make chain mail; swear fealty to the lord of the manor and write their pledge using quill pens; muck out ‘oxen’, milk ‘sheep’, churn ‘butter’ and use yokes to collect water on the Manor Farm; build wattle walls for their houses and ‘keep house’ inside; prepare medicines and treatments to ward off illnesses and play games about death and disease; and if they stray, they will find themselves in the stocks, rotten vegetables and all!

And then they’ll Revolt!!

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