Surviving the Stone Age and Beyond

Are you teaching the Stone Age next term? Do you want a memorable start or finish to your children’s work? Let The History Van bring the Stone Age alive for you in your school – no coaches, no entrance fees – the ‘museum’ comes to you.

Your children become local lead miners who find caves containing the remains of Stone Age and Bronze Age people!
• They live the lives of these early hunter-gatherers, discovering how they hunted, gathered and prepared food, made clothes and tools, created shelters, kept warm, communicated, traded and what they believed.
• Your children will make pots like the Beaker people, milk sheep, grind corn, practice spear throwing, make stone jewellery, weave shelters
and use stone tools.
• They will identify bones to discover what animals lived here at that time and make cave art wall hangings for your classroom.

Surviving the Stone Age helps you teach this topic through a memorable hands-on full or half day where your children learn facts and skills through fun and involvement.

Prices: £175/£250 for half/full day plus additional cost for extra classes – please enquire to discuss exact costs –
Jenny Bland – The History Van – bringing the past to your door!

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