Topic Book Boxes

Kathryn also runs Your Book Corner, an Usborne books business.

It is lovely to support children’s learning with topic specific books in the classroom but it can be difficult to source those books at a fair price and to be able to choose exactly when they arrive that fits in best with your teaching.

For each of the History Van workshops Kathryn will be able to provide a book box of titles, selected by you, to support prior and future learning in the classroom. These can be rented out per week for minimal cost (depending on the number of books chosen) and returned to make room for your next topic resources, or they can be purchased to keep for future years.

The benefits of this service make it completely tailored to you. You can choose when they arrive and when they are returned, you can select the books that will best support the needs of your children, and you can select your budget.

Examples of the books available are being uploaded on to each topic’s page, a list of those already available to view are here.

Some cost may be incurred for delivery and return depending on your requirements.

At least two weeks notice will be required to make sure a box is available for you when you need it. There is currently only one set of each books available but stock is being added all the time.

Any damage to rented books that occur may incur a small cost, especially if the book needs replacing.